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The links listed below are to a variety of different sites which Tykie and I have found to be useful (for one reason or another). Some are to sites which offer wonderful study aids, such as the BELIEVE Religious Database Program, the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, and the ECOLE Initiative. Some are to sites which provide historical background for significant religious events, such as the Ancient and Medieval Church History Timeline, the Origin of the Pentcostal Movement, and the History behind the Latter Rain/Sonship Movement. Some are to sites of ministries which we respect and admire, such as Ravi Zacharias and David Wilkerson, who have much to offer from the place of ministry to which God has called them. And some, such as Tentmaker Ministries and the Concordant Publishing Concern, are to sites which promote  Ultimate Reconciliation, the end to which we believe sonship will inevitably lead. Last, but not least, there are those which offer writings similar to those found at Good Seed Publications. Many of these writers are contemporaries of ours, who are actively moving and ministering a faithful word of present truth to this generation. We esteem them highly, and value their contribution to the Body of Christ. Then, there are those worthy of double honor, such as Bill Britton, George Hawtin, and George Warnock, men who we consider to be pioneers in the message of sonship, and who laid the foundation upon which the rest of us are building. In our estimation, their writings are priceless!

We do not necessarily agree on all points of doctrine found on these sites, but have found most of them to be in general keeping with the principles of the doctrine of Christ.  Therefore, we recommend them to our readers with the confidence that they will be spiritually edifying.  However...our commitment to scriptural accuracy compels us here to issue a warning, along with our recommendations.   Some of the sites listed below are sites which either feature a wide and varying assortment of other sites, or are sites which are featured on larger sites, which are not necessarily in accordance with sound doctrine.   Therefore, let the browser beware.  We accept no responsibility for what an individual might find, should he or she venture beyond the recommended sites.  Happy Hunting!

(To read a brief comment about each of the links below,
simply move your cursor over the hyperlink.)

Kingdom Bible Studies, J. Preston Eby

The Gospel of the Kingdom, Bill & Elaine Cook

The Writings of George Hawtin

The Writings of George Warnock, Bill Britton

Light of His Glory Ministries, Ross McKay

The House of the Lord Homepage, Bob & Charlotte Torango

The Abiding Logos, Travis & Shawnda Ogletree

Arise Ministry, Timothy D. Carroll

The Voice of Many Waters, Ricky & Karen Evans

The Living Word, Paul & Emily Mueller

The Writings of DeVern Fromke

The Writings of A.P. Adams, Ray & Doris Prinzing

Robert Beecham's Homepage

The Writings of  T. Austin Sparks

Ray and Sheila Knight's Homepage

God's Kingdom Ministries,     Stephen Jones

Insight Ministries,  Eli Miller

Praise Tabernacle, Kelley Varner

Lynn Hiles Ministries

Christian Life Messenger

Pinecrest Bible School

The Writings of Watchman Nee

Morningstar Ministries, Rick Joiner

Times Square Church, David Wilkerson

New Zealand Revival Bulletin

The Prophetic Telegraph, Arthur & Rosalind Eedle

The True Light.Net

The Word of the Lord from Africa

The Shofar Letters, Larry & Betty Hodges

The Visscher Family Homepage


The Sharon Star

Ascension Hill Deeper Christian Life

Tentmaker Ministries, Gary & Michelle Amirault

Systematic Reconciliation, Darroll Evans

Gary Jessup's Webpage

Concordant Publishing Concern Catalog of Materials

True Grace Ministries

The Doorway Papers/ Custance Memorial Library

The History of the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment

The History of the Latter Rain/Sonship Movement

The Origin of the Pentecostal Movement

Ravenhill: An Anthology Online

The Spurgeon Archives

Robert Murray M'Cheyne

The Pathfinder, Elwin Roach

The Tabernacle Homepage

The Call of the Kingdom, Scott Paris

Pass the Word

Voice of God Recordings/   William Branham

God's Generals

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

BELIEVE Religious Database Program

The ECOLE Initiative

Ancient and Midieval Church History Timeline

Biblical Hermeneutics

The Preterist Archive of Realized Eschatology

Nuntius' Site for Philosophical and Theological History

Hitchcock's Bible Names

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Great Healing Revivalists

PHILOLOGOS Classical Christian Books Online

The Writings of Francis Schaeffer

GOSHEN Christian Resource Directory

Origin of Dispensational Eschatology & Pre-Trib Rapture

Is the Pretribulational Rapture Biblical?

Dave MacPherson Study Archives on Pre-Trib Rapture Doctrine

Bibliofind Book Search

The Apostolic Bible Polyglot

Sacred Texts

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