Psalm 66


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Psalm 66 Mission Statement

Psalm 66 is seeking to be a place where Christians come and experience the joy and spiritual growth that they need. It is not a Church nor are we seeking to replace the need for each individual Christian to be accountable to and have fellowship to and with a local Church. We believe that even when a local Church is accomplishing most of the ministry needs of its members there is still a need that is very hard to meet in the context of the one local body of Christ, and that need is: That we as Christians are called by our Savior Jesus Christ to not only to be in the body of Christ on earth, but to exercise our faith through actively reaching out to God and man.

Worship is the act of showing our honor, respect, and Awe of God by giving our life back to Him. One very good example of that is learning to Praise and Worship God in song, as David did in the Psalms not looking to get a Spiritual rush and feed our need of God. It is important for our need of God to be fed, but worship is meant to be us feeding (ministering to) God and not the other way around.

The worship services that we hold are an open time of worship. Our worship teams or another guest bands will lead worship in music, but we keep each meeting open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When someone has a testimony, a reading from the bible, or some word of encouragement to share our meeting is always open.

Although Psalm 66 is not exclusive in its nature towards different ages, most of our constituents are junior high through College; which means that it is ideal for youth and singles groups to come take part with other believers who want nothing more than to be close to Jesus and His body.


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