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You are Invited! Please consider setting aside time to join the celebration of The Feast of Tabernacles with us at Christian Covenant Church. It is the annual conclusion of the three celebrations that God instituted in Israel. It is also a prophecy of the end of the age. Passover was the age from exodus to the Cross, Pentecost is the age from The upper room through now, and Tabernacles is the age that is to come. We will Eat each evening, fellowship and worship each night. There will be camping, showers available too.

Sunday Evening September 19th
Through Sunday September 26th

2021 Feast Schedule:

Sunday March 28th
Passover service and meal 6pm

Sunday May 23rd
Fellowship and Meal Sunday Afteroon

Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Trumpets Sunday September 5th
Dinner and Fellowship to kick off the Feast Of Tabernacles month

Day of Atonement Wednesday September 15th
fasting from sundown Tuesday September 14th - Sundown September 15th concluding with solemn assembly Wednesday Evening

Feast of Tabernacles
Sunday September 19th - Sunday September 25th
Dinner is proveded each evening at 6pm followed by Fellowship, Worship, Testimonies, and Teaching

The Last Great Day
September 26th Cookout Sunday Afternoon

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Teaching Elder: Steve Ward
Call: 423-920-0808
Text 423-920-0808
120 County Road 616
Athens, Tn 37303