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"A Little Box Called Me... and A Course In Fire"

A timely article written by our good friends,
Travis & Shawnda Ogletree, exposing
  neo-Gnostic corruptions in the church.


This study by Travis and Shawnda Ogletree
is a much-needed word to those confused
about the true meaning of meditation, as
is described in scripture. The Eastern
concept of meditation is NOT God's idea;
and this treatment of the subject
shows that quite clearly.


New Age ---Counterfeit Feast

Scattered Sheep

Two excellent messages written by our
dear sister, Elaine Cook, addressing
the pertinent issue of New Age doctrines, and how
they are creeping into the message of the Kingdom.


Having Not the Spirit

A well written article by Ross McKay,
dealing with the erroneous teaching
that the Spirit of Christ is in all men.


"Enlightenment Revealed" /
The Personal Journey of Douglas Colman

The testimony of a brother delivered
from a lifetime of New Age indoctrination
to serve the living God.


The Law of Passivity

A message by Jesse Penn-Lewis, which distinguishes
between the Biblical teaching of  yielding to the Spirit,
and passively emptying ourselves to the working of spirits,
as do mediums and spiritists.